FAQ – Perchance-App


1.   What do I do if I don’t get the confirmation email to sign up for Perchance?

a.Check your Spam or Junk Mail Folder. You might be surprised at what you find!

2.   How do I find out about the next Perchance event?

a.Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, and make sure your Perchance notifications are turned on!

3.   How can I stay up to date with everything Perchance?

a.Subscribe to our newsletter, and you guessed it… follow us on Instagram!

4.   If my app is not working properly what can I do?

a.Don’t panic. Make sure your app is up to date and your phone is not running many other GPS apps at the same time. Go to your settings on the top left of your profile (the tools) and then click “clear cache.” If that doesn’t work, restart your phone and/or delete and reinstall Perchance!

5.   How can I be notified when Perchance comes to my city?

a.Subscribe to our newsletter 😉

6.   How should I use Perchance?

a.Open Perchance whenever you want to find singles + let singles know you are ready to mingle! Use it at work, use it when you go out, and use it to get into our events!

7.   Where should I use Perchance?

a.Everywhere! Just be safe when you use our app! Don’t drive and Perchance!

8.   How can I make sure I receive the Perchance newsletters?

a.Subscribe to our newsletter on our website, and make sure you check your spam folder so we can keep you in the loop!

9.   How do I update Perchance?

a.Go to your App Store and click update. If there is no update to click then you are already up to date and good to go!

10.   How can I register for Perchance?

a.Simple. You can register via Facebook, Instagram, or email. If you choose email make sure you click the last up to date link to activate your account + look into your spam folder before requesting another email.

11.   Where can I download Perchance?

a.You can download Perchance in the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store.

12.   How can I refer friends to download Perchance?

a.All you have to do is click the orange icon on bottom right hand corner of your map and share Perchance with your friends! Each friend you refer will earn you Perchance hearts which you can cash in for VIP experiences in the near future! The top referrer each month will win BIG PRIZES!

13.   Who do I see on Perchance?

a.On the top you will see our new users. On the map you will see people you have come across or been nearby throughout your day whenever you opened Perchance. You can flip between today and yesterday to go back in time to reconnect with people up to 48 hours in the past.

14.   How much time do I have to connect with someone on Perchance?

a.48 hours aka 2 days. Just make sure you reach out by then so you do not lose your chance!

15.   What do I need to do when I attend a Perchance event?

a.Just come with your Perchance App open and your pictures set in your profile! Walk up and you will enjoy a VIP experience which usually gets you a free drink or open bar, a chance to win big prizes, and plenty of chances to meet singles!